Men’s Breakfast at Northpark Christian Church

Today’s American churches desperately need programs and activities to educate, consolidate and unify Christian men. Many men admit that they lack understanding of God’s Word, especially as it applies to specific aspects of daily living. Since men are to help stabilize the church, developing a solid Men’s Ministry is a major benefit to the Body of Christ. That’s were the Northpark Christian Church Men’s Breakfast comes in.

Eight months during the year, (Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May. Sept. Oct. Nov.), on the second Saturday of each month, at 9:00 a.m., we provide a Men’s Breakfast and Fellowship that provide our men with Bible studies designed to strengthen them in the faith, emphasizing important Biblical subjects, as well as current topics such as personal integrity, Christian character, relationships, marriage, sex, fathering, financial management, leadership qualities, being an effective witness and overcoming strongholds.

Through these meetings our goals is to help our men:
• Love, worship and glorify God
• Become the priest of their homes
• Lead their families according to the Bible
• Enjoy fellowship with other Christian brothers
• Instruct their children on the ways of God
• Get involved and committed to their church
• Utilize their God-given gifts
• Establish and maintain a love for their mates

We encourage ALL MEN, whether they are members of Northpark Christian Church or not, to come and be a part of this special time together.

For more information please contact our offices!