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Prayer is a crucial aspect of the life of the church as well as the life of an individual Christian. It is for that reason Lonnie is leading us in exploring the subject of prayer.
We went with Christ to the School of Prayer and we also read together Andrew Murray’s book by that title. 
We learned a great deal about God’s desire and intention to answer prayer and how to pray to receive answers to prayer.
Now you can explore the fact that as believers you have access to the same power that raised Jesus from the dead (Eph. 1:18-20). This power is accessed through prayer. The focus of this series is learning how to access God’s resurrection power through prayer.
Beginning in June Lonnie will focus on the Lord’s Prayer. This series will give you the opportunity to learn more about how to pray from the Master Pray-er.
Sermon Links

May 1–The Source of our power through prayer (The Holy Spirit)

May 8–Mother’s Day:   The Prayer of Faith, the means to access the power (no video)

May 15–Asking through the Prayer of Faith (services were canceled due to Covid concerns so no live stream)

May 22–Prayer Power through cooperating with the Holy Spirit  (This was recorded on Zoom as we did not meet due to Covid concerns)
Current Series
Learning Prayer from the Master “Pray-er”.
June 5 Adoring the God We Pray To (Matt. 6:5-8)