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Psalms for the Heart Series
10-3-21 When I Am Tempted to Worry or Fret Over the Threat of Evil

10-10-21 When I Feel Ashamed of My Wrongful Ways

10-17-21 When I Tempted to Get Angry or Lose Control
10–24-21 When I Feel Under Attack and Need Protection
10-31-21 When I Feel Sad or Discouraged
11-7-21 When I Feel Weak or Overwhelmed 
11-14-21 When I Feel Hurt or Brokenhearted 
11-21-21 When I Want to Praise and Give Thanks to God
11-28-21 When I Crave A Closer Walk

 Peace on Earth Series

12-5-21 Peace on Earth: Among People
12-12-21 Peace on Earth: Within Myself
12-19-21 Peace on Earth: With Jesus
Nehemiah Series: Being Faithful to God’s Call

01-02-22 When God is calling you to act…Pt. 2

01-09-22 Plan is not a bad four letter word (Philip Heine, Guest Speaker)

01-23-22 When the Going Gets Tough

02-06-22 Five Danger Signs of the dollar becoming too almighty Pt.1

02-13-22 Five Danger Signs of the Dollar becoming too Almighty Pt. 2  This sermon was delivered during our Valentine’s Day Brunch Service and is not available on
02-20-22 Five Danger Signs of the Dollar becoming too Almighty Pt. 3 (technical error so no recording, sorry)
 03-06-22Being faithful to my call through disciple-making (technical error so no recording, sorry)
School of Prayer Series
March 20– Praying in Spirit and Truth
March 27–Prayer Must be Definite
April 3– Sorry No sermon
April 10–Christ our Intercessor 
Easter 2022 (Pastor Lonnie had Covid so we had a guest speaker–Bob Monts)
April 17– Jesus the King (Easter Sunday)
                 Jesus the King (Audio only)
Power of prayer Series
April 24–Resurrection Power of Prayer

May 1–The Source of our power through prayer (The Holy Spirit)

May 8–Mother’s Day:   The Prayer of Faith, the means to access the power (no video)

May 15–Asking through the Prayer of Faith (services were canceled due to Covid concerns so no live stream)

May 22–Prayer Power through cooperating with the Holy Spirit  (This was recorded on Zoom as we did not meet due to Covid concerns)
Lord’s Prayer Series
June 5 Adoring the God We Pray To (Matt. 6:5-8)
June 12 Facing the Elijah Syndrome in Prayer (Mt. 6:10)
June 19 No Sermon Recorded
June 26- The Double-edged Sword of Forgiveness Mt. 6:12)
July 3-Getting All Prayed Up (Mt. 6:91-13)
July 10- I Am Convinced–I Want to Be Prayed Up: Now What? (John 10:14-15, 27)

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