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Sunday Service Times

9:30 Adult Bible Study
10:45 Worship & Children’s Church
10:45 Live Stream 
Parents check out our Children’s Ministry page to learn about our ministry for kids.
You can also check our Children’s Activity Page to see what your kids learned on Sunday.
Click here for a map and visit our blog called Life at Northpark and learn more about us. This week’s blog is by Steve Keyes. Steve serves as our liaison with Mission Northeast. Steve is sharing about an important aspect of Life at Northpark. Check it out.

Have you ever struggled with the idea of powerful prayer? Do you believe that your prayers will be powerfully answered? If you have questions like these then Pastor Lonnie’s new sermon series on the topic of Power Through Prayer will be that for which you are looking. Follow the highlighted link to learn more about the series.

Weekday Services

6:30 pm Monday Prayer Service
10:00 am Tuesday Gospel in the Torah Study led By Pastor Philip Heine
11:30 am Wednesday Ladies Bible Study (Book of Jeremiah)